January 18, 2018
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Lincoln Memorial from the World War II Memorial Badlands National Park, SD Low Tide, Ship Harbor, ME Mount Rainier from Southern Vista Downtown Bar Harbor
Sergio Wet Leaf Roughlock Falls Cafe Paris, Santa Fe, NM Lake Coeur d
Lincoln Memorial - Lincoln detail Window Shopping The Breathtaking Scope of Nothing in Montana City Hall (was closed, so no interior shots) Nice mix of air/space items here
Vista House, on Columbia River Colorado & 25th - Heart of Old Colorado City Rocks; eastern light Our Hotel In Seattle - The Warwick Bike, Michigan Avenue
Steam Plant Square - Spokane, WA Magnolia Blossom, inside Rogue Brewery, Portland, OR Lee - National Bison Range Yellow (and burgundy) Mounds
Looking North/Northwest - Mountains Everywhere Taylor and Mouse Royal Gorge Bridge, Canyon City, CO Bigfork, MT 95/495 South - Approaching Washington, D.C.