April 21, 2018
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Kimberly Bergalis

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When I was diagnosed with AIDS in December of '98, I was only 21 years old. It was the shock of my life and my family's as well. I have lived to see my hair fall out, my body lose over 40 pounds, blisters on my sides ... I was infected by Dr. Acer in 1987. My life has been sheer hell except for the good times and closeness with my family and my enjoyment for life and nature. AIDS has slowly destroyed me. Unless a cure is found, I will soon be another one of your statistics soon.

Who do I blame? Do I blame myself? I sure don't. I never used IV drugs, never slept with anyone and never had a blood transfusion. I blame Dr. Acer and every single one of you bastards. Any one that knew Dr. Acer was infected and had full-blown AIDS and stood by not doing a damn thing about it. You are as guilty as he was...Can you imagine what it's like to realize you're losing weight in your fingers?...I'm dying guys. Goodbye.

Source: Letter to Florida health officials released by Bergalis' family as Kimberly -- the first known patient to be infected by her dentist -- neared death. Sidebar in Newsweek article, 7-1-1991
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